Christ Church Toxteth Park is part of the Toxteth and Wavertree Deanery of the Diocese of Liverpool. Our Parish is one of the greenest in Liverpool covering the entirety of Sefton Park and its surrounding residential areas, including the vibrant social spaces of Lark Lane.

Our History

In 1921, fifty years after Christ Church was first built, the following was written in a locally published booklet entitled The History of Christ Church:

“Christ’s Church, Toxteth Park was erected by the late G. H. Horsfall Esq. at a cost approaching £20,000. It was consecrated on April 27th, 1871, by Dr. Jacobson, Bishop of Chester … The Church all along has been famous for two things: singing and liberality … The liberality of Christ’s Church is well known …

The old Schools in Lark Lane … were attached to St. Michael’s and Christ Church Parish had no place for either Day or Sunday Schools. At that time the building now known as K Garage was being erected, and before it was roofed in, the Vicar agreed to rent the upper room for £20 per annum. When the structure was finished leaflets were distributed in the parish to let the inhabitants know that a Sunday School in connection with Christ Church would be opened in it, and as tempting inducements to attract scholars were held out, the new jerry-built erection was immediately filled with expectant scholars and the old St. Michael’s Schools were left with only a few scholars, scarcely exceeding teachers in numbers.

The Church Institute was built soon after, the old St. Michael’s Schools were sold to Christ Church for £800, half of which was received back for the benefit of Lark Lane children … The Institute … is the centre of parochial activity and a whole host of useful agencies find their home in it … The old St. Michael’s Schoolrooms are now used every night for a newsroom, billiard room, Social Club, Church Lads’ Brigade and Training Corps.”